Stairs to Success for your Career

You will have the tools to pave the way and create your own success story. Together, with the guidance and support of your Mentor and Senior Managers we can guarantee your personal and professional aspirations will be achieved.


0-6 Months Introduce

In your first 6 months on Placement you will receive exposure to activities and real life experience introducing you to what is essential in construction. Managing the transition from study to the workplace can be challenging and with our Mentor system you can be sure there will always be someone available to help you through.

6-12 Months Explore

As you settle into your role and build confidence in your abilities, you will explore what the construction sector has to offer and plan the next steps in your career. Now is the time to decide what you need to do to achieve your goals and how you can reach them in the future.

6-12 Months Immerse

Moving back into the sector as a Graduate it is time to immerse yourself in your field of study. You will be on a scheme from the start to experience the full construction life cycle from beginning to handover. A Mentor will be assigned to you during this phase

18-24 Months Engage

By the end of your Placement/Graduate timeline you should be fully engaged in your role. The Company want you to succeed in your journey and will assist you at every opportunity.