In September last year, our site team on the Everard Printworks redevelopment Everard’s Printing Works Bristol organized a Street Art Competition with the help of @dottrotten @inkiegraffiti to create a temporary communal art space as construction works progress on this historical building in Bristol.

This community arts project involved a fantastic group of local graffiti artists using the arches of the external façade of the building as their canvas and producing a vibrant selection of work for all of Bristol to enjoy. Special thanks to our business neighbour The Bank Tavern for the food and music.

The winner of the arches competition was @hazard0ne with her portrait of one of Bristol’s most popular Big Issue vendors, Jeff Knight. In second place was @zase and third @mike22inks

We want to thank all of the artists who took part for their time and efforts, as well as our client Artisan Real Estate for supporting us with this engaging initiative. It has been a great source of pride for the team to appreciate every day and see the Arches create conversation and awe from passersby.

Although it will soon be required to move the artwork to install the new windows and we are actively looking into permanent relocation options or local charities / community groups which could benefit from the donated artwork. If you have any suggestions or ideas you would like to share, please contact us at

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